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Shen Yue Xuan


Shen Yue Xuan is a grand, sprawling villa set on the ground of a private garden (retired Party cadres only). Its idyllic location make it quite popular with locals as a wedding spot, but its Cantonese cooking is up there with the foodies as well. Dim sum here, with the garden just beyond the windows, is a treat. Qingyuan-style chicken, shrimp dumplings, lean pork and 1000-year-egg congee, and honeyed ribs are all specialties.

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    Three on the Bund, Shanghai’s finest epicurean destination, unveiled its latest culinary project – Canton Table on the 3rd of December, offering a brand new Cantonese restaurant on the fifth floor of the building.

    Canton Table traces back the essence of Cantonese cuisine. Whether it is home-style cooking or sophisticated delicacies, all adhere to the best and extensive selections of high quality fresh ingredients and to the traditional cooking skills. Time and sincerity are invested in detailed preparations of each dish, to retain the true flavor of all the delicious ingredients.

    Canton Table has brought back the use of Imperial Cauldrons which was served only at Chinese Emperors’ feast. “Braised Dried Abalone with Supreme Oyster Sauce” cooked in the Canton Table imperial cauldron is a specialty on the menu. By placing top quality dried abalone in the rapidly heated pot at high temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius, the essence of the seafood is fully locked revealing the best taste of the ingredient. The custom-made copper pot was inspired by the custom of hiring private chefs in the 1960’s Hong Kong.

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